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Frank Julius Palumbo



Insight into "The Enochian Wars: Armageddon Unleashed"

Posted by [email protected] on March 25, 2016 at 7:05 PM

The title of my latest book, ‘The Enochian Wars: Armageddon Unleashed,’ has raised quite a bit of eyebrows. The term Enochian comes from the Biblical figure, Enoch. He was a source of hidden mystical knowledge. In ‘The Book of Enoch,’ it is written, “And after that I saw thousands of thousands and ten thousand time ten thousand, I saw a multitude beyond number and reckoning, who stood before the Lord of Spirits…and I learnt their names: for the angel that went with me made know to me their names, and showed me all the hidden things.” For some, this meant knowledge of a race of beings not born unto the Earth, but instead inhabit the world of spirit.

In the 16th century, John Dee, the mystic for Queen Elizabeth 1, used his seer, Edward Kelly, to contact angelic beings by scrying into a black mirror. These angelic beings were believed to be the same race of beings that appeared to Enoch. Over the course of two years, the Angel Av bestowed upon Dee the Language of the Angels, or Celestial Speech, giving him knowledge of their alphabet. From this alphabet, a hierarchy of good angels and their demon counterparts was constructed. By assembling four tablets, each containing a grid of 12 by 13 letters, these tablets became the key to Enochian Magick. Within the four tablets are the names of all known angels and demons. With ritual use, these names can be invoked and the angel (or demon) can be summoned to do the magician's will. The astral being can appear within a scrying mirror or more traditionally, a crystal ball, or the entity will appear in the astral plain, which is explained below. Once summoned, is must be banished (especially the demons) else dire consequences will ensue.

The protagonist in my book is Jack Savage, a veteran NYPD police officer. Savage, during one of his daily meditation practices, has an out of body experience and projects his soul into the astral plain. There he encounters Enav, a good Senior angel in the hierarchy of angels in Enochian Magick. The angel Enav, harbinger of the apocalypse, cryptically informs Savage of the coming threat.

The out of body experience or astral projection is the sensation that your consciousness is separated from you physical body. This alternate body can comprise an exact duplicate of the physical body or it may entail a ‘floating eye’ perspective. This experience has been documented in studies entailing lucid dreaming and has been achieved in laboratory settings. For example, when the subject successfully awakens in his/her dreams, that individual has total control (with practice) of their environment and actions in the dream world and physical eye movement in the real world. Once the subject separates his consciousness or realizes he/she is dreaming, they move their eyes in the dream world in a predetermined sequence, perhaps three times to the left and three times to the right. That movement will elicit corresponding eye movement in the sleeping subject as indicated by electrodes attached to the subject’s eyelids, thus confirming their lucid experience. Some subjects experience the lucid dream as a ‘lifting away’ from their body and observing their ‘dream world’ as it is in the real world. No waking within a dream occurs. The subject’s experience entails sitting up in bed, standing and gazing at their sleeping body.

The difference in experience, I believe, is that of meditation. Meditation brings the subconscious mind to the forefront of personal examination, exposing unconscious attitudes and conditioning. With this knowledge gained, he/she is no longer of slave to primitive desires. The practitioner of lucid dreaming enters the astral world, that dimension which is the precursor to the physical world, giving form and substance. In the Kabala tradition, it is called Yesod, the foundation of all magickal work. You cause change in a variable in the astral world, either through ritual or projecting your consciousness there, then you cause change in that variable in the physical world.

Therefore, lucid dreaming and astral projection are part of a continuum of awareness and practice, dependent upon the progress and extent an individual purges their subconscious mind. Without this purging, the neophyte will travel in a world where subconscious wishes and past experiences impinge upon his/her experience, while the seasoned astral traveler, having uncovered the subconscious, laying it bare through years of meditation, walks in the physical world, and can raise him/herself to higher plains of existence.

Recent headlines have reported with awe and some even with trepidation that a new planet may orbit our sun every fifteen thousand years. This new planet, Planet X or even Nibiru, is the size of Neptune and remains unseen. In my book, “The Enochian Wars: Armageddon Unleashed,’ a new planet has entered Earth’s solar system and is close enough to appear as a second sun, yet dark and ominous. Soon, rumors of the ancient Sumerians writings emerge. The Sumerians were a race of people that emerged five thousand years BC, in an area that is today know as Iraq. Around three thousand five hundred BC, the Sumerians invented a form of writing called Cuneiform, and wrote their history on approximately seventy-five thousand clay tablets. These clay tablets speak of the planet Nibiru returning from a three thousand five hundred year orbit from which mighty gods descended. According to Zecharia Sitchin, author of several book detailing ancient mythology, these gods, the Annunaki, enslaved early man and later genetically altered their DNA, giving birth to modern man. I believe any advance race of alien entities would have the ability to project their souls and function in both the physical world and the astral world. Countless examples have been documented from angelic apparitions in holy texts, to the Greys, those little aliens who constantly abduct people, walking through walls.

Our world holds many mysteries and only the open mind can come to grasp such foreign concepts as astral projection and alien ancestors. Today, humanity explores the smallest unit with giant particle colliders and uses massive telescopes to stare past the boundaries of time to observe the Big Bang moments after its creation. But there is another universe waiting to be explored, one that does not need powerful machines or high tech gadgets. It is the universe of mind and mysticism, of introspection and contemplation. Whether these apparent real phenomena are solely personal or, in fact, quantitative has yet to be seen.




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